Herbal Rainforest

Youngevity's Herbal Rainforest, Detox, Cleanse and Nourish your body It's a little known fact that roughly 40 percent of our prescription medicines come from plant extracts or synthesized plant compounds.

Medicinal plants

give us the ability to treat and cure many ailments including malaria, arthritis, diabetes, glaucoma, heart disease, thyroid disorders, skin conditions and many more. The U.S. National Cancer Institute has identified thousands of

rainforest plants

that are active against cancer cells, with likely thousands more of these medicinal plants, and their uses, yet to be discovered.


While we may be increasingly learning, and gaining appreciation of the importance that these rainforest plants offer, most of us live urban lives, far from the nearest rainforest. We live in cities full of toxins, pesticides and environmental pollutions. Acknowledging these challenges, we take great strides to eat right and exercise. However, as diseases continue to prevail, we must concede that diet and exercise alone are not always enough. When toxic loads in the body are allowed to reach certain levels, we are left vulnerable to a variety of conditions and diseases. Mineral deficiencies, so common in the modern westernized diet, can further hinder our bodies natural cleansing mechanisms.


Fortunately, we can take action to prevent disease, before it occurs, and even help to reverse it once it begins, by flushing our body of toxins, and by supplementing with carefully blended herbs and minerals in their natural, plant derived, colloidal form. Youngevity's Herbal Rainforest™ gives your body the rest it needs, with a natural, gentle,

and detoxifying blend of rainforest plants and herbs. Enjoy the benefits and refreshing cleansing action that only the rainforest, with all of its wonderful biodiversity can deliver. Discover what it feels like to live in a clean, vital, and fully nourished body that is free of energy draining toxins.

  • All natural blend of 16 herbs and up to 77 minerals from prehistoric plants.
  • Superior Colloidal form for maximum absorbability.
  • No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Gluten Free. Contains no wheat, yeast or starch.
  • Easy to take, liquid concentrate with a delicious mango taste.
  • Full strength, plant derived minerals.
  • Mix it with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.
Rest, renew, invigorate and detox with Herbal Rainforest™. If you have never tried

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